Anime stuff 4 sale!

Naruto and Sasuke Xmas charm braclets in package. $25 each or $40 for the set.

Hellsing vol 1-2 $10.00 set
I Shall Never Return (Yaoi) $6.00

Ps2 Games
One Piece (Sealed)$7
Zatchbell (Sealed)$7

Magaman NT Warrior $5

Kingdom Hearts vol. 2-3 $5 set
Inuyasha 3-4 $5 set
Naruto Vol. 1 $3
Yugioh vol. 1 foil $4
Magaman Vol 1-9 $30 set
Hands OFF! 1-6 (Shonen-ai) $25 set
Full Moon 1-2 $7 Set

Yaoi Manga
Kissing $6
Dear Myself $6 (SOLD)
Same Cell Organism $6 (SOLD)

>Shaman King Startker Deck $5
Naruto Pocket Watch (needs Battery) $25.00

Inuyasha Artbook $15.00

Feel free to ask for pics.

Many lami posters (will get a list soon or ask for what u like)

I will be adding stuff randomly as I come across it. I really need rent money.

All prices include shipping and I will take offers!

Please email me
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Shounen Onmyouji DX PS2

Anyone interested in the Shounen Onmyouji PS2 DX game? It comes w/the extra commontairy dvd and Drama Cd and small cd size booklet (which i cant read anyway) Still in the box never been opened. I need to sell it ASAP! (I have a con to go to in 2 weeks) I will take offers on it... I do kinda have a price in mind.. but I'm welling to see what is offered.

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Mangas and dolls

I am now going to try and sell some Mangas. They are mostly sets.
All Prices INCLUDE Shipping and Tracking!

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Megaman 1-9 $40

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Tokyo Mew Mew 1-7 Complete $35
Full Moon 1-2 $6 each or $8 for both
Yu-G-Oh Foil Cover a lil wear $4.00
Inuyasha 3-4 $4.00 each or $6.00 for both
Kingdom Hearts 2-3 $4.00 each or $6.00 for both

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Hands Off! 1-6 (Shonen-Ai-ish) $30.00

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CCS doll $8.00 just the blue one left!

(they have shelf wear but have never been opened)

Also have an Inuyasha artbook for $17.00

Finally listed a few items to sell!

I'v finally got some of my many items listed!

Shaman King 2-Player starter set(comes w/Holo Yoh and DVD) Opened and looked
at but never used -10.00

Sailor Moon-Moon Rod (box has shelf wear but never opened)-8.00

Hamtaro 6" plush w/VHS still in box-10.00

Hamtaro (Bijou) 6" plush w/VHS still in box 10.00

3 cardcaptor Sakura afshion Dolls (school uniform, green fairy, and blue warrior)
(still in boxes but they are very shelf worn)-20 set or 8.00 each

cardcaptor Sakura Delux fashion doll (magic dream sakura and winter uniform) (shelf worn)10.00

Naruto Ultimate Ninja PS2 (used but great) 10.00

So far thats all i'v taken time to list, i still have many totes to
go threw!

Any questions please email me

*All prices include shipping, but feel free to make an offer*